I Saw A Shadow Touch A Shadow's Hand
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My New Photography Portfolios… I’m still working on these new portfolios, but I think you’ll find that they work faster, are easier to navigate & overall provide a better viewing experience. If you happen to have used an old bookmark from my old portfolios, you’ve been redirected to this page,,, please scroll down to the appropriate section for the photograph(s) you were looking for.


Photography IS my life. It is also how I make my living. Getting challenging though. Still, do not think I am complaining, and I LOVE sharing my work with all my new friends out there, but I do need “to keep the lights on”.
So a cup of coffee sounds AOK to me! Cheers, Kevin

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"Thoughts & Prayers" going to all the families
of all the DEAD young people does NOTHING.
The ONLY sensible "COMMON SENSE" action is to
drill down to the bedrock issue and

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