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If you are enquiring about purchasing a print
or a possible commercial commission,
please contact one of Kevin’s representatives:

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I print most (nearly all) of my photographs digitally on a 100% Cotton “paper”,,,Certificate to be accurate, it’s not really paper,,, it’s cotton,,, like money (US money anyway). Why Cotton???  Because it’s without question the most archival (longest lasting) substrate and because it makes the photograph look absolutely gorgeous. Occasionally I will opt to use a baryta paper (actually IS paper),,, it does have a unique tonal range that suits some photographs. But at the end of the day, as I said above,,, I print nearly all my photographs on Cotton Rag.
Once a photograph printed on Cotton Rag “dries” (2 or more days) I begin my varnishing procedure(s). It’s a fairly lengthy process, with 3 major steps: 1) Seal The Inks, 2) Create An Isolation Layer, 3) Apply Multiple Coats Of Varnish.  It takes several days to accomplish, but the whole point of this is to protect the print, increase its longevity and so on. One of the very important reasons to varnish the print is to protect it from UV light (Ultraviolet),,, which is bad for color pigments. All color pigments are subject to fading, but varnishing is one of the best ways to slow it down. In general, if you keep one of my photograph prints out of direct sunlight,,, or even near a source of indirect sunlight,,, my prints will last a VERY long time,,, certainly over a hundred years. FYI, it’s not as if that after 100, 150 or even 300 years the photograph will disappear,,, the color saturation just diminishes,,, so as I said,,, if you purchase a photograph of mine,,, or any piece of artwork,,, keep it away from sunlight !!! :)
Have questions??? Advice on framing??? Feel free to ask.

please Contact:

North America: PERSON PERSON
+353 (0)87 770 7667

+353 (0)87 770 7667

+353 (0)87 770 7667

If you’d like to get in touch with me,,, with a question about photography, or the wonderful Donegal weather, etc,,, I’d love to hear from you, well most of you, anyway (no spammers please). Bear in mind that I am frequently “off the grid”,,, usually working,,, but nevertheless unable to receive emails, texts etc. Consequently I can’t always reply in a timely fashion,,, so if you get tired of waiting, consider contacting one of my Reps (details above).

Email:  Kevin@KevinLogan.com

Phone:  +353 (0)87 770 7667 (TEXT MESSAGE FIRST PLEASE)

Located near the edge of the world, in lovely Donegal, Ireland.


Questions are welcome.ALL fields below are required, including CAPTCHA anti-spam code near the bottom of the form.If you wish to attach a file, acceptable file types are: doc,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png,zip Max file size is 8mb

Acceptable file types: doc,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png,zip.
Maximum file size: 8mb.
Mobile Phones are just TOO freaking Small

Mobile Phones are just TOO freaking Small

Printing Info, Pricing & Sizes

Printing Info, Pricing & Sizes

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