I Saw A Shadow Touch A Shadow's Hand
Kevin A. Logan - Photographer

Make A Print of #PaleBlueDot at Snapfish

Have a print made from my #PaleBlueDot series at Snapfish.com

As you may have noticed, I am making High Resolution files of all my #PaleBlueDot PSAs (Public Service Ads) available for download, allowing people to Share and Print them. Consequently I’ve been getting quite a few messages & emails from people wondering how and where to make good quality and AFFORDABLE prints.

After a little looking around and testing I’ve decided Snapfish, a worldwide company, offering excellent customer service and quality, best suits everyone’s needs. So if you are interested in having a print from the series, download from my website then upload to Snapfish. Simple as That :-)


Get Prints Made At Snapfish



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"Thoughts & Prayers" going to all the families
of all the DEAD young people does NOTHING.
The ONLY sensible "COMMON SENSE" action is to
drill down to the bedrock issue and

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