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“Thoughts & Prayers” does NOTHING – #RewriteThe2ndAmendment

“Thoughts & Prayers” to all the families of all the DEAD people, the many beautiful YOUNG people, does NOTHING except make you feel good for saying it.

Apologies for being so blunt,,, but that’s the cold HARD truth.

I’ve distilled my MANY “Gun-Control” posts down to one (this one,,, but it’s a work in progress right now)
I can hear the “YEAS” from here :-)
Sorry if I have annoyed people in the past with all my anti-gun posts,,, I honestly think it was MY way of hashing out in my mind what is a completely insane and out of control situation.
Mind you I do not apologize for my opinions, namely that I am against “Killing Machines” (Assault Weapons),,, people carrying firearms anywhere they please,,, whenever they please, etc.

If you are not bothered by school shootings etc.,,,
OR think the solution is something along the lines of everyone carrying firearms,,, then I doubt that we will ever see eye to eye,,, but I can always hope.

But IF you think young children, school teachers, innocent people minding their own business getting shot DEAD is a BAD thing,,, then maybe we can work towards a solution that we’re all happy with,,, gun owners included.
What do ya say,,, can we give it a go???

I’m hoping you’ll agree that whatever solution we agree on needs to be done the Federal level. That’s going to require rewriting the 2nd Amendment.
Nearly ALL Federal and State gun legislation stems from the 2nd Amendment, which is ABSURDLY out-dated and vague.
If the 2nd Amendment is not rewritten,,, all other efforts (which in and of themselves I don’t mind per se),,, are just like a dog chasing its tail,,, or perhaps “Whack A Mole”…

Amazingly, there ARE people benefiting by the way we’re handling things now,,, the freaking lawyers & the lobby groups,,, on BOTH sides… They’re all getting RICH while young people are being massacred…
Get what I mean???

Define Arms

The Lobby Groups (again, on BOTH sides), the Beltway Industry and the thousands of lawyers would be just tickled pink if things keep going JUST the way they are now,,, disparate and/or identical groups running around like chickens with their heads cut off arguing this,,, arguing that,,, passing this law,,, getting that law repealed,,, getting one State tougher on guns,,, getting the neighboring State passing THEIR flavor of

Concealed Handgun License/Permit (CHL/CHP), Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW), Concealed (Defensive/Deadly) Weapon Permit/License (CDWL/CWP/CWL), Concealed Carry Permit/License (CCP/CCL), License To Carry (Firearms) (LTC/LTCF), Carry of Concealed Deadly Weapon license (CCDW), Concealed Pistol License (CPL), etc.1

Get what I mean???

One giant PROFITABLE clusterfuck,,, that’s we’ve got,,, and “they” are loving it.
You think this will EVER solve the problem(s)???
“They” WANT the status quo just the way it is,,, they’re counting on it,,, ALL of them…

So what do you think??? Let me know and join my discussions on Twitter & Facebook:
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#NoMoreKillingMachines   #GetTheFreakingGuns ,,, whatever it takes. BUY the GUNS, Go DOOR to door (Like your man Michael Douglas says below),,, COME ON PEOPLE,,, Sure there ARE other issues to worry about,,, BUT,,, we have to pick our battles,,, or at least I do,,, and I WORRY FAR MORE about the GUN INSANITY in America and the INSANE number of KILLING MACHINES out there… 
Sure, I know this is just a film,,, but so far it is the BEST expression of my FEELINGS and EMOTIONS about KILLING MACHINES I have come across.

So are there any politicians, citizen-voices, SANE people agreeing with me? #ScrewTheNRA (and their buddies),,, they are JUST A LOBBYING GROUP… Do you REALLY want them to THINK FOR YOU??? BE THE SANE, LOVING, COMPASSIONATE, PEACEFUL PEOPLE THAT I TRULY THINK YOU/WE ARE and THINK FOR YOURSELVES/MYSELF!!! #GetTheFreakingGuns

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"Thoughts & Prayers" going to all the families
of all the DEAD young people does NOTHING.
The ONLY sensible "COMMON SENSE" action is to
drill down to the bedrock issue and

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