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All About Copyright – MY Copyright – and MY RIGHTS

1) I know this is a complete exercise in futility and will probably accomplish nothing (except POSSIBLY freak out some people that I care about & LOVE. No need to worry. Logan will be fine :) ).

2) My Photographs are:
COPYRIGHT © By Kevin A. Logan – All Rights Reserved

3) The issue at hand: IF I got a tenner ($10.00) for every unauthorized USE of one of my photographs annually that I FIND (FAR more instances go UNFOUND), I would have enough money to buy FOOD for the WHOLE YEAR,,,and also some other cool and arguably necessary stuff,,, like HEAT. a visual

4) At LEAST 90% of the photographs that are downloaded from my website are downloaded by people that never even SEE my website. How so you may ask? By using image search tools, such as “Google Images”.

5) SOLUTION: ASK before using my photographs for anything!1 All I ask in return2 is that you buy me a “Cup Of Coffee”3. (Please read the important footnotes)

Photography IS my life. It is also how I make my living. Getting challenging though. Still, do not think I am complaining, and I LOVE sharing my work with all my new friends out there, but I do need “to keep the lights on”.
So a cup of coffee sounds AOK to me! Cheers, Kevin

$1 CUP

$2 CUP

$3 CUP

1“Anything” doe NOT include ADVERTISING USAGE5, or anything even remotely related to advertising (such as advertorials). “Anything” is restricted to PERSONAL USAGE, such as YOUR blog (GENUINE BLOG4), YOUR desktop wallpaper, etc. IF you want to use one of my photographs for Advertising Usage5, email me: Kevin@KevinLogan.com and either myself or my agent will be in touch.

2What I offer TO you is a guilt-free LEGAL pathway for obtaining the PERSONAL5 NON-TRANSFERABLE “Usage” of my photograph that you want. Furthermore,  I will offer this usage for “Unlimited Time” (it’s simply a matter of practicality that you get this BARGAIN), but NOT the COPYRIGHT nor ANYTHING construed to be OWNERSHIP. You simply purchase the right to USE the photograph, albeit for PERSONAL5 USE ONLY. No ADVERTISING5 usage is granted nor can you transfer this granted usage OR copyright (that you DO NOT GET anyway) OR ownership (that you DO NOT GET anyway) to anyone else or any company.. All I ask is that you buy me a “Cup Of Coffee”.

3Now to the “Cup Of Coffee”, an obvious euphemism for “payment”, your payment, the expected payment. Well, I am basically leaving the amount of the payment up to you with one caveat, namely the minimum payment I will accept for granting you permission for your PERSONAL5 usage (for UNLIMITED TIME) of ONE of my photographs is $1.00. I’d love a bit more, but  as I say (and I stick by it), I leave the amount up to you. No matter what the amount, won’t it feel GREAT to do things the LEGAL way, the sociable way, the FAIR way? I LOVE “sharing” my photographs,,, but it’s gotten to a point that I need a little sharing ($$$) back in my direction.

4A GENUINE BLOG is a blog in which you are actually CREATING content,,, NOT MERELY STEALING other people’s work (photographs, articles, etc.) so you can create an ADS MACHINE (Ad Delivery System Machine) using keywords for the STOLEN content that draws pageviews so you collect commissions on banner ads etc.

5THE RULE OF THUMB TO FOLLOW: IF YOU ARE MAKING MONEY or TRYING to make money USING MY PHOTOGRAPH WITHOUT MY EXPLICIT PERMISSION in the process of YOU TRYING TO MAKE MONEY, I WILL TRY MY DAMNDEST TO DEFEAT YOU. That said and underscored, IF you really really want to use one of my photographs in YOUR attempt to make money,  email me: Kevin@KevinLogan.com and either myself or my agent will be in touch. I am fairly certain that we can negotiate a reasonable and fair deal so that you can LEGALLY have USAGE RIGHTS to use my photography to MAKE MONEY. I’ve been in advertising for 30+ years,,, I know what it is all about,,, and I know the game very very well.

Cheers and All The Best,
Kevin A. Logan

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