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autoBIO,,, or “About”,,, or,,,

Yup,,, tis true,,, I’m writing this myself,,, c’est moi,,, Kevin Logan,,, not some pretend blindingly transparent and obvious 3rd person with some sort of,,, well,,, I bet you know what I mean…
The only problem that I have with me writing this,,, is that I can’t write very well,,, but oh well,,, indulge and pardon me please…
Lastly,,, it’s going to be a short autoBIO because I’m writing this mostly in the context of my Photography,,, and though Photography IS the most important part of my life,,, talking about the highlights shouldn’t take all that long,,, but then again,, I AM known to ramble on from time to time,,, pertinent & valuable rambling though :) if you ask me…

In case you haven’t noticed (or heard),,, I’m a Photographer,,, from way back,,, before photography was “EASY“… You know what I mean by EASY,,, there are certainly enough pixel-peeping incompetents running around these days  with lenses stuck on little computers CALLING themselves photographers clearly demonstrating just how EASY photography has become,,, or HAS it become easy???,,, well,,, I’ll get into that issue more thoroughly one of these days (lest I ramble so early in the story)… :)

So let’s start with a visual,,, seems à propos,,, quick & easy too,,, right???:
Kevin Logan,,, Over Time,,, A LifeTime Of TimeThe photos of me above start when I was about 16 years old or so… I don’t have any photos of myself younger,,, in fact I’m very lucky to have the ones I have from High School & University days (which I’m very pleased to have received), courtesy two friends of mine,,, Bob Colasuonno & Lori Knerick… If my two idiot sisters hadn’t cut up all the old family photos (to make a photo montage as a gift,,, lovingly presented in a plastic piece of shit frame),,, there may have been more photos of me younger,,, hmmmm, maybe I’m better off without them. :)


… More To Come —– Next,,, my entry into the world :)


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