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Other than the usual ‘run of the mill’ good blessings I am fortunate to have (so far anyway), such as good health, good friends and even good fortune (from time to time), I’d like to take a moment to mention some people, whom in the context of this WebSite & my career, have very positively contributed to my life & success. I have been lucky in the past (and continue to be lucky) to have worked with/for some extraordinarily talented, professional & clever people,,, that all have one very important commonality,,, I LEARNED from them all, which to me, is an absolute & vital blessing.

Yone Akiyama, Bert Abbott, Barbara Bordnick, Howard Breitrose, Jim Coleman, Angela Cummings, Dennis D’Amico, Bette Demeri, Frank Desisto, Amy Gerber, Milton Glaser, Rick Knief, John Loring, Liam Moylan, Katja Oberhoff, Claire McLean, Ben Oshman, Elsa Peretti, Paloma Picasso, Twad Schuetrum, Mark Seliger, Abe Seltzer, Joe Sobiesiak, Floyd Sowell, Joseph Stapp, Andrew Unangst
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A Face To The Name
(over Time,,, a lifeTime of Time)
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"Thoughts & Prayers" going to all the families
of all the DEAD young people does NOTHING.
The ONLY sensible "COMMON SENSE" action is to
drill down to the bedrock issue and

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